For most churches, in ear monitors are going to be your best bet for keeping your stage levels manageable and your FOH from suffering the high sounds levels coming from your wedges. However for most churches the cost of IEM’s are just out of their budget.

If Aviom (or other products like it) and wireless in-ear systems are too expensive for your church, you can still get decent in-ear monitors that wont brake the bank. Below you will find some lower cost options that will work just fine for a church on a small budget.

Headphones: A good pair of headphone can be very expensive, but I have found a few really good (for their price) options that have worked well for us.

Personal Headphones Amp & Mixers: You will need some way for each person to control the volume and mix of their own IEM. Below are some very inexpensive options.

DIY Wireless IEM (Enter at your own risk): I have been testing this idea out without the greatest success, but I think it could work. If you are interested enough, test it out for yourself and comment below what you have found out.

Basically the idea is to use a small FM transmitter to send a signal wirelessly to your user. Most smart phones can receive an FM signal. Use the FM receiver app on your phone to tune into the signal. I have not got this to work with great success, but I think it was due to the really low quality FM transmitter I bought. Try it out and let me know how it went!